Thursday, February 5, 2009


SOAP Bible Study Plan

S is for Scripture

Take today's Bible reading, pray over it and then read through slowly. God will direct your attention to certain verses or sections. Write these down in your journal and focus your study there.

O is for Observe

What is God showing you in this passage? Jot down in your journal any words or events that stand out. Are there any truths God wants you to learn? Warnings? Commands? Guiding principles? Record those in your journal. Now what is the overall message God has for you in this passage?

A is for Apply

Now it's time to get personal. How does this affect your life? Does God have instruction for you today? Encouragement? Correction? Write down in your journal God's personal message to you.

P is for Pray

Prayer is a two-way conversation with God. You may find that as you pray over what God has shown you, He will reveal even more that He is wanting to show. Be listening and journal your prayers!

Read and record in your S.O.A.P. Journal daily.
Bring your Bible and journal to church every Sunday.

Don't forget to work on the lesson so you can finish before your next WC meeting.

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