Saturday, January 3, 2009


Happy New Year
World Changers!

It's Cynthia here -- Are you ready? 2009 holds great things for us! I got the okay from Mr. Chris to offer you guys some Power Buck Bonus opportunities!!!!

And here's the first one:
There are four sections in Lesson 6 - God the Holy Spirit
every section of the Lesson completed you receive ONE POWER BUCK!
That's right! it means you can earn FIVE Power Bucks like - BAM! Straight away!
Ready for more? If you do ALL FIVE SECTIONS you will receive a POWER BUCK BONUS!!! SO- you can actually earn SIX BONUS BUCKS!!!! The opportunity to earn Bonus Power Bucks is for ONE WEEK ONLY! That means next Sunday (JANUARY 11TH) is the deadline for Bonus Power Bucks for doing your written lesson work. If you don't have the written lesson you can print it out again by clicking HERE. Most of you probably have the work completed anyway! Because we're just like that huh!!!!

Second Power Buck Bonus opportunity
Is everyone doing their daily SOAP? I wonder why no one has asked about more scripture since we ran out December 31st....? You guys must be making up for any days that were missed from the list of daily scripture. Yeah - that's probably it! Right? Right! Well that's super because there is a Power Buck Bonus for the World Changer Disciple in each class that has the most amount of SOAP days recorded in their journal through December 31st.

Third Power Buck Bonus opportunity
You know how I've talked about making the picture / movie thing? Well here's the deal....
Each person (that's you) needs to buddy up with one or two other World Changers (three maximum) and write a song or poem or skit about a Lesson we've completed. The team with the best song or skit or poem gets a SUPER DUPER BONUS and that is what we will record! You have until the end of the month to do this... start teaming up and figuring out which lesson you want to work on together. More information is coming on this activity. Just stay tuned!

Don't forget--
Meeting times are:
1A & 1B meet the first Sunday of the month.
2A & 2B meet the second Sunday of the month.

We love every single one of you Disciples and are excited about all the cool ways we are going to grow together in the Lord this year! Keep checking back on this blog... there just might be some very important information.


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